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We provide through our special designs, peace of mind and a blissful environment. That is the way we make the difference because to us its much more than a cabinet in the master closet or storage space of our client homes.  Together we partner up with our and envision the best possible set up for your house at a great competitive price. 





Founded in 2007 starting as a father-son business and getting most of our client's voice to voice over
10+ years standing out for excellence and guarantee work.

Quality closets rapidly became one of Silicon Valleys most thriving business doubling in size, receiving many Yelp awards for great reviews and getting many recommendations from high-class homeowners who were greatly satisfied with the job.

Where quality is our pride


Qclosets is recognized for the quality of our materials, designs, unique details and service.

Thriving for over 10 years in Silicon Valley our customers are always happy with our finished product and how great their home or office spaces look great and organized.

With over 70% of clients being from voice to voice and roughly the other 30% off social media and marketing it is a no brainer that our clients are more than satisfied with our work.