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We have different and adaptable styles based on your budget. You can also configure special characteristics of your project, like the design and color of your doors and drawers.

Some of the colors available in our inventory

The colors 

Our standard color is white because is a classic and versatile choice that creates a clean, bright, and timeless look, but here are different options to match or contrast with your room’s decor.

  • SCF


  • FFF: This finish looks like wood but does not have a textured surface Smooth realism linear grain that resembles a specific wood species.

  • RWT: It replicates the texture of real oak, pine, or teak wood, featuring a finely detailed grain pattern with subtle variations in depth, providing an authentic tactile sensation when touched.

  • EIRWhere the texture matches a distinct wood pattern.

  • MIRLUXPremium Panel with its sleek, modern surface, available in high gloss or super matte finish with a color richness with depth and clarity, is a sustainable, low maintenance, durable, and scratch-resistant solution.

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The Overlay

Overlay refers to the way cabinet or closet doors and drawers cover or "overlay" the face frame or cabinet box.

  • Half overlay

In a partial overlay design, the doors and drawer fronts are smaller and only partially cover the face frame or cabinet box. This is our standard.

  • Full overlay

In a full overlay design, the doors and drawer fronts are larger than the cabinet openings, covering the entire face frame or cabinet box.

  • Insert

If the doors or drawers are designed to be inserted into the cabinet or closet box rather than having a front-facing overlay, it's referred to as an inset drawer style.

cabinet door overlays

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Door designs that we offer

The doors and faces

There are different options that would provide a timeless and versatile look like the decorative doors, or the mirrored doors could make a small space feel larger and add a touch of glamour.

  • Flat
    The flat doors are the traditional hinged doors that open outward.

  • Decorative
    These doors are characterized by a simple, clean, and rectangular design with a recessed center panel.

  • Glass
    Framed glass doors can be clear, frosted, tinted, or textured, and are an elegant choice for displaying your wardrobe while keeping it dust-free.

  • Mirror
    Mirrored closet doors serve a dual purpose, they can provide full-length framed mirrors for dressing while concealing the closet contents.

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