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our cabinet slides

Hinges and slides

Our unique Soft Closed System, combines regular and soft close hinges to make the tall doors softer to close, and brings different degrees for the opening required in your space but matching any budget.

  • Hinges half overlay

  • Hinges full overlay

  • Hinges insert

  • Slides side mount

  • Slides under mount

  • Slides push to open

Data Sheet


The Closet/Cabinet system we provide includes bar pull as a standard in three different colors. There are some other options to customize the project.

  • Knob

  • Bar pull

  • Arch pull

  • Square pull

some of our handle options

Data Sheet

our closet rods


The standard rod we use is an oval chrome rod made of steel, however, you can choose between different wardrobe tube shapes and colors.

  • Oval rod

  • Round rod

  • Square rod

  • Rod for lighting system

Data Sheet


  • Pins

  • Brackets

Data Sheet

closet pins
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